2023 European Family Conference in Małe Ciche, Poland

We would also like to let you know about the European Family Conference (EFC). The EFC will be in Male Ciche and run concurrently with the European Young People’s Conference, 30 July – 5 August. 

The burden of the EFC is that the Lord would raise up families for the church life. Our schedule will include family activities such as singing, stories, family talks, crafts, games, workshops, and informal times of fellowship. 

There will not be a parents’ conference during this time. 

All aspects of the EFC will be designed for families and there will be no need for organised child-care. We look to the Lord for His blessing on this time and on all the saints that attend


The EFC runs concurrently with the EYPC. The first session begins after dinner on Lord’s Day 30 July. This will be a conference orientation held in the EFC tent from 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm. On Monday we will have a workshop in the late morning, activities after lunch, and then another workshop in the late afternoon. After dinner, there will be a one-hour coordination for the parents and serving saints. Parents can take turns caring for their children during the evening coordination. The schedule will be similar on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will mainly be for activities and rest. There should be much time for informal fellowship between the families and burdened saints.


The workshops are the main part of the EFC. They will be approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and will involve parents, children and burdened saints of all ages. During these times we will read, sing or do activities together and in small family groups.


We are burdened that all the older children, aged 11-12 would have the gospel announced to them in a clear way. During the EFC, we will have several sessions just for the children in this age group accompanied by their parents. The 11-12-year-olds will be on the EFC schedule during the entirety of the conference. 

Evening & morning times

There will be opportunities for the families to develop family times with their children every evening and morning. We hope the families will take advantage of this time to practise and learn together.

Communal Areas and Play Areas

We will provide the families with several communal areas where they can meet up during the day. In these areas, we will have play equipment, toys, and covered seating.


Meals will be provided by the conference in the house where you are staying.

Responsibility for the children

Parents remain responsible for their children during the whole conference. There will not be any child-care arranged by the conference. There are places in Male Ciche that pose some danger to children when unsupervised including a stream, busy streets, and forest. 


It is common for Male Ciche to become wet and muddy. We recommend that parents bring extra changes of clothing and multiple pairs of shoes.


There are 2 small convenience stores located within the village of Małe Ciche. The stores offer basic necessities as well as basic food items and snacks.


We are not able to accommodate pets at the Conference. Any accommodation for pets must be made outside the conference village of Małe Ciche.


The children are not allowed to have electronic devices during the family conference. This includes workshops, activities, and all other times during the week. Electronic devices present safeguarding issues among the children. The young people in the EYPC are not allowed to have electronic devices during the conference. We ask that the same rule be applied for the children

Registration Deadline
is June 15, 2023

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